Welcome to our Garfield APPLE site!

In 1977 Spokane Public Schools accepted a proposal from Parents for Alternative Education, a group of parents involved in pre-school co-ops, to organize the first APPLE program.  These parents realized the value of being with their children in an educational setting.  Through love, dedication and commitment they created the Alternate Parent Participation Learning Experience program known as APPLE.

Today, the APPLE program is going strong at Garfield Elementary, where over 70 students are enrolled from grades 1-6. Parents continue to enrich student learning through active participation in and out of the classroom.

To enroll at Garfield APPLE, parents interested must:

  • Attend APPLE Orientation at the school district administration building, 200 North Bernard Street, Spokane  WA, in February and sign up for the Garfield APPLE site.
  • Observe classrooms at Garfield APPLE.
  • Interview with teachers and parent representatives from Garfield APPLE.
  • Enter a lottery if prospective students outnumber spaces available.

For more information about Garfield APPLE, please contact Dr. Irene Gonzales:

Phone – (509) 354-5967
Email -  IreneG@spokaneschools.org
Fax -  (509) 354-5965

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